Şamanizm nedir? İslami sandığımız şaman adetleri

What is shamanism How to Become a Shaman? Shaman traditions in Islam What nations are buoys? Shamanic gods Shamanism is a concept derived from Tungus and the Turks living in Central Asia and a belief system adopted by other peoples of the region Although it is a belief system of Central Asian origin, We see the effects of shamanism in Australia and Japan

the main practitioner of this belief system is the shaman or the clergy called cam Shamans are divided into white and black White shamans are believed to have the power to break and treat spells Black shamans are believed to rule evil creatures In both shamans it is assumed that he communicates with the gods and spiritual beings during the rites There are two ways for a person to become a shamanic cleric

The first one is that the father is a shamanic cleric the other one is the shaman, the supernatural experiences of his childhood This is generally believed to occur by self-transitions such as epileptic seizures in childhood according to the belief that the shaman will be infested with an old shaman The person often suffers from epileptic seizures while fighting this entity

If he deserves the beings of this being, he becomes a shaman but he would be mad if he refused to be a shaman Shaman clergy are usually chosen from women because women are believed to be the strongest shamans in this respect, we see that there is a matriarchal social order in societies where shamanism is common

The basic tasks of a shaman are: one year after the death of the house does not leave, the other sends the world the prayers of the tribe, either the sky or the ruler of the underworld to reach the erlik hana the sacrifice of sacrifice finds treatment for diseases speaks of the future and finds lost items rain or snow

The animals that were to be sacrificed in shaman rituals would not be cut this animal was drowned the animals these tribes the same belief has shaped even the princes in the Ottoman Empire A person belonging to the Ottoman dynasty According to this belief coming from shamanism, Shamanism is a polytheistic belief system The basic gods in Shamanism are: Ulgen, the god of goodness chick water that controls human life and protects people on earth sacrifice Shaman's heavenly ambassador and his victim Ulgen offering god of lightning sending lightning to the trees where evil beings are hiding on earth the most powerful soul of the earth, and a majestic pine tree that has taken the throne Talay blood female god Umay protecting children and fry and the female god that protects the nation Some of the shaman pieces that we continue today are as follows: go to the mausoleum to have children, to leave an object reminiscent of the baby there

In this way, what is desirable is entered into a symbol and asked from the spirit of the ancestors again to have children or wishes tying to the trees to get help from the great souls is a piece of shaman These pieces have not lost their influence after the adoption of Islam There is a stone called yad stone in Erzurum It is believed that the mothers and babies who carry this stone will be protected by the souls

In Tuncel, it is believed that Munzur tea will be healing for women without children This piece is based on the belief that the creeks are sacred in Shamanism the belief in being known to be haunting pregnant women or al-Shashism derived from the shamanism This belief is based on the fact that a red ribbon is attached to the head of a lohusa woman in order not to harm the mother In order to facilitate childbirth in some parts of Azerbaijan An old woman's sharpening of the knife by the mother until the child is born in the last days of pregnancy is a shaman's custom

Pour the bullet to eliminate the effects of bad and kem eyes or to hang home evil eye beads is quite common shaman pieces All the rituals of the Shamans were performed with musical instruments For this reason, it is thought that the present-day Mevlid or dhikr ceremonies are caused by Shamanism the iron knife on the person and leave One of the most obvious shamanic trades is to eat after the person Finally, let's take a look at the animals considered sacred in Shamanism: The sacred animals in Shamanism are: eagle believed to carry high spirits wolf with guidance and rescue mission Horse with a sacred symbol of the god of thunder female deer with the symbol of the female gods bad hive cock and hen ram Bull with alps symbol symbol of the underworld rabbit covering his skin with a shaman drum fox protecting heroes