Shadows Illuminated, The Live Performance (Part 1 –

There's nothing I need Yet when I'm with you I find something unique And no words will do To describe the energy If that's what it is Like magnets held In perfect balance Perpetual motion Except that its calm More like chemicals Mixed just right Not acid, or base Superfluous and flowing Super viscous? Or a quantum state? Structure intangible Made of just light Manifest percept Persistence awake Yet more real than that Like symbiosis Of heart -shaped stones By a river in spring With fauna and flora And life of all kind All working together Natural connected Yet less active than that The calm of a oneness Like spiritual insight Om shanti inside Peace found within Shalom and forgive With the beloved Yet closer than that Like some poetic words Flowing in a stream Making a statement Like love from a dream Only less mind Like psychology Words point to feeling Which is what I describe This movement within When I'm in your space Butterflies and waters Earth and expanse This delicate balance This perfection of place This alchemical embrace This electro chemical quantum biological Holy romantic feeling near you Who's he? Oh no no Oh, wait Oh, please wait!


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