I had the perfect life, until I was in a coma for six years And then I woke up and found my fiance, married to another man

My son, doesn't know who I am Everything has changed, including me One touch and I can see things, things that happened, things that will happen You should see what I see [SOFT NATIVE MUSIC PLAYING] A wing span of up to eight feet, eight feet! You are not going to see a bald eagle, okay

Why not? 'Cause there's only like three bald eagles in the whole county Then I'll settle for a dodo "A dodo," too late they're extinct What's the point in bird watching if all the birds I want to watch are missing in action? What's the point of bringing me out here to do physical therapy? To get you back to the basics We can't duplicate in the gym the type of landscape that human legs evolved upon

Let me tell you something, nobody evolved in Maine, okay? Well until we can pay a visit back to Mother Africa, it'll have to do Yeah, you never even been to Africa If I'm a lug these suckers around, you best deliver me something with an wight foot wingspan How you doing, sir? [WHISTLING] OLD MAN: Not bad and yourself? Not too bad I'll take $20 on supreme please

[SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] Okay So you see any bald eagles around here lately? I saw 'em yesterday You're kidding Yes, I am [LAUGHING] But I am expecting two tomorrow

[SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [METEOR FLYING OVERHEAD] [METEOR EXPLODING] I'll give them your regards Right, thank you, sir Now what? [ NEW YEAR'S PRAYER PLAYING] ♪ Ooh, fall in light Fall in light ♪ Fall in light, fall in light ♪ Feel no shame For what you are ♪ Feel no shame For what you are ♪ Feel no shame For what you are ♪ Fall in light, fall in light ♪ Fall in light Fall in light ♪ Asteroid 1950 DA Diameter approximately one kilometer, big enough to wipe out a major metropolitan area or a good chunk of the country side, depending where it hits JOHNNY: When? March

Of the year 2880 Are you sure? Oh NASA's sure, JPL's sure, so I'm pretty sure And even then the probability of impact is relatively low That's not the one We've mapped more than a 1000 near earth objects

There's thousands more you don't know about There's a near miss every couple of weeks and no one ever sees it coming But you can in a vision? Listen, people are going to die unless you can identify this meteor and tell us exactly where it's going to hit Where should I aim the telescope? It's a very big sky out there All I can tell you, is that it will hit the side of a mountain

Mr Smith, I agreed to our meeting because public relations is my job here Do me a favor, let me talk to one of the astronomers

I'll be finished with my doctorate by December, maybe you should come back and see me then [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [METEOR FLYING OVERHEAD] If I can find this mountain, and give you an exact location, and the meteor's angle of impact You bring me the declination and right ascension, and we'll point the telescope together [SIRENS WAILING] JOHNNY: Good morning, officer License and registration please

You're driving too slow for the road, is there a problem? No, sir I'm just looking for a mountain Well there's plenty to choose from around here [METEOR FLYING OVERHEAD] [METEOR EXPLODING] There's a scenic turnout a few miles up the road You might have better luck


[GRUNTS] All right look, I don't know what the hell's happening any more than you do, okay But, guessing by those nice deer skin pants you got there, you lived a long time ago didn't you? All right, well maybe, maybe I'm having a vision of the past

And you're having a vision of the future And, your knife, is what links us, huh, huh? [SCREAMS] [METEOR EXPLODING] Origin, southwest Forty degree angle, on the horizon, maybe 45 Impact here Longitude 68 degrees, thirty three minutes, thirty seconds

Latitude 44 degrees, Twenty five minutes, ten seconds For driving too slow? Yeah You got a location on that? Right Okay, thanks a lot Highway Patrol directed him to a scenic turnout

Exit 47 off the highway, somewhere between here and Bangor, or somewhere halfway in between All right let's get a search party out there I guess you think I'm some kind of spirit, or demon Can a spirit bleed? It sounds crazy, but, I need your help I'm hurt, man, I'm stuck out here

I need a fire, or I'm going to freeze tonight I was a lousy eagle scout when I was a kid Can you help me? [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] What? Okay, look, I can't feel the heat from your fire, I need my own I was afraid of that Technically speaking, your fire went out centuries ago

That's nice You're not getting it, huh? [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Okay, well I'm using the wrong kindling [GRUNTS] Huh? [THUD] You ever see one of these? Thanks Pull up a chair [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [NATIVE MUSIC PLAYING] [THUD] [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] There's still time

[SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] You've seen me before When you were a child [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] There's still time [TELEPHONE RINGING] Hello? We found Johnny's car SARAH: Where? Wilderness area

Hey, Walt Looks like he must've hiked in Are you going after him? As soon as the Sun comes up Okay Okay, so I'll tell him you said hello

Thanks I love you, Walt I love you too Mom Hey

What's wrong, sweetie? I can't go to sleep Join the club The club is over here, come on [SOFT SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] That stuff in your bag, no copper, no bronze, no iron, which you would have gotten from any European trader, which means you lived before they got here Maybe four or 500 years ago at least

So 500 years ago, you fall on your head, and you have a vision of me John Smith, why? [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [NATIVE MUSIC PLAYING] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] I appeared to you more than once [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [NATIVES SINGING] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [JOHN REPEATING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] What does that mean? Who are you, what do you want? Get the hell out of here You've been waiting for me to answer that your whole life You've had visions of the future just as I've had

We're not so different, are we? [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] That's why you can see me The knock on your head Maybe we're both operating out of our dead zones I don't know if it will work for you like it works for me You want to know who I am? You want to see what I see

You take it, maybe it'll help us figure out why our powers brought us together [FAST SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [RAIN POUNDING] [TRUCK HORN BLARING] [FEARFULLY MOANING] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [PANTING] It worked, huh? [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] You want more? [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] NURSE: Are we ready for our sponge bath Mr Smith, hmm? I know you thought I'd never ask [GASPS] [METAL CLANGING] Lord you're awake! Some thing's wrong Some thing's wrong

[KID SCREAMING] There's still time There's still time What? There's still time, Maggie! [CHILD CRYING] Maggie! That's my daughter's name, how do you know that? [CHILD CRYING] Your daughter's screaming! [SIRENS WAILING] There is still time There is still time There is still time

JOHNNY: You want to know what that meant? [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Oh! [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [HISSING] Stone age medicine Stay alive until the Sun comes up Keep the fire going They'll see the smoke Just stop the bleeding

That's all [SCREAMING IN PAIN] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [FIRE CRACKLING] BRUCE: Sorry I dragged you out of bed Are you kidding, I'm an astronomer, vampire schedule Now you said he took the Picture Rock turnoff right? That's where they found the car He's got some ambulatory issues from a previous accident, so I say the furthest he could have gotten in a day is 15 miles

That's about 180 square miles of ground to search Which is exactly why we need to narrow it down Did he indicate at all where he was headed? No But he wanted to locate the impact site Of the asteroid? The one he saw

He has visions Right [COMPUTER BEEPING] That's odd What's odd? This data includes geological surveys Look at that iridium spike

[RAIN FALLING] [NATIVE MUSIC PLAYING] [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] There's still time [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [CROWD SCREAMING] [METEOR FLYING OVERHEAD] [METEOR EXPLODING] There is still time [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [CRYING] The old man, the astronomer, the cop I saw them disappear because they are descendants, of your people It must have been hundreds of them, thousands

They will be wiped out if you are destroyed Don't you get it? That's why you saw me, in your visions That's why I ended up here So I could warn you There's still time

You saw it Boom Boom This is all going to burn You've got to get them out

You understand? You have to get them across the river Yes, yes, right I did what I had to do Now, it's your turn, okay? See that's the trick, with our gift [MOANING IN PAIN] You do what you have to do, and you never really know why, until the end

Go [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYING] [WHOOSHING] Johnny didn't have a vision on a meteor that was gonna hit, he saw one that already had Not in the future, in the past The geological surveys prove it We're talking 600 years ago

WALT: All right, so how does that help us? We have the address of that rock How much do you want to bet that he beat us to it? [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] You escaping to the river? They are, we have to go somewhere else [WATER SPLASHING] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] Not bad at all [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] I'm still here You have to go

Why? Your friends are waiting I saw them I can understand you When we die, we all sound the same Who's dying? You have to go, there's something for you to do

I've seen it [SIGHS] I like it here It's quiet Not for long Boom

You better leave too While there's still time I have to stay here, and wake you from our dream I've seen that too I'm dreaming

Wake up Now! Wake and say good-bye [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE] [HELICOPTER WHIRRING] Sheriff, got him [SUSPENSEFUL WHOOSHING] [GRUNTS] JOHNNY: I did what I had to do, now it's your turn You have to go

You better leave too While there's still time [FOREIGN SONG PLAYING] [METEOR FLYING OVERHEAD] [METEOR EXPLODING] Goodbye What about the old man that works here? Don't try to talk The old man

What about him? Is he all right? BRUCE: He looks okay to me The astronomer? I just talked to her, she's glad you're okay You are okay, John Just needed to fill the fuel tanks that's all I take supreme, all right

BRUCE: [LAUGHING] I know you do man [ NEW YEAR'S PRAYER PLAYING] MAN: No! MAN 2: Yes! MAN: No! MAN 2: Yes! MAN: No! MAN 3: You're grounded [TRIUMPHANT MUSIC PLAYING]




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