Shiva Shambho Audio: The mysticism of love and the mysticism of emptiness in christianity

In Christianity there are two mystics: the mystic of love and the mystic of emptyness well practically in every spiritual tradition there are this two mystics

The mystic of love means that this tenderness that is experimented to a loved one in existence or to any being, then you should develop it in the search for your origin, that people usually call that divine aspect, or God So this love makes you to search inisde to the object of your love, so you bring this love inside Did I explain myself? What the mystic of lovw impplies is this: Imagine all the love that you feel, that can be much more, but all the love that you can feel, to other beings that surround you, to your children, to your parents, friends, brothers etcetera, to nature in general, all this love and tenderness that you experiment This love is directed to one object, that you would call my own true being or divinity or god, so this force is imploded that´s why this message is called: Sum of perfection, is the Mystic of love “Forgetfulness the created rememberance of the creator” Attention to the interior and to be loving the beloved

Because thet you go in looking with your own love and attention, until it can be opened and then, Oh my god!, the day it´s really opened, thet you will know what the brightness of a million millions suns is And so the other Mystic, is the Mystic of emptiness, also in Christianity, this is the same thing, but is only attention, you don´t make use of the force of love, but only awareness and attention, istead of being aware of the exterior, I stop being aware of the exterior and I bring my atention inside, which is called The Mystic of emptyness, the mind is silenced and I go further back, this brings the reconnection with the Being Quesiotn: Now that you said eternity this beauty of tasting eternity, and now that you were talking about emptyness, is this like entering in a knowledge of simply the nothing, like entering to thos void is entering into the nothingness? It has a lot to do with it, because in the Christian Mystic, it is used a lot the word nothing, so they say: God is a thing, or is it a nothing?, well certainly it is not a thing, because if it were a thing it would change, It must be a thing like nothing So yes when you enter there is your own being, it´s nothing you experiment, but it´s what you are, and it can be called the great void, supreme void, or emptyness, but it is an emptiness full of everything, it not a nothing of nothing, like a tv

that I turn of, all this work to get my tv turned off?, No haha Because people think, nothing? The tv

is off, I cannot see the movie anymore, no, no, no You enter to a nothing, or an emptyness that is only pure being, inmense and infinite, eternal, absolute, it has no border of any kind, in the Christian Mystic it is called the nothing, int he Oriental Mystic, or the Budist, they call it the suppreme void, the void Why? Beause I percieve a thing like this sound, this tree, but this thing that you are is not a thing, that you can percieve, you can only be it, am I explained?, I can only Be it So I have to leave everything that I´m not, everything that I´ve identified with until I find my origin, unitl I enter in this type of nothin, they say, nothing plus nothing, equals, nothing So put your mind in nothing to eneter nothing, this is Crhistian Mystic