Strangest News | Man Allegedly Disappears In Brazil, After Performing Occult Alchemy Ritual

Well, hello there I am sure you're feeling pretty safe, in your tiny little fake world

So, let me spoil everything for you Yesterday, I came by some of the strangest news ever A 24 year old man from Brazil, named Bruno Borges, has allegedly disappeared forever Apparently, he and his father were eating, at a restaurant, and later came home His father left him home, and something strange happened

Bruno Borges was never seen again But wait, it gets even stranger You will not believe what his family has found in his room Hell God damnit, strap me to a stake and call me barbacue And then there's this

Guys, my paranormal-o-meter is ticking like crazy My tin foil hat is already fixed on my head This is unbelievable That's a painting of him, with some weird archontic being A daemon or interdimentional being, so to speak

On the center of the transmutation sigil, there is a statue of Giordano Bruno, which allegedly cost 20000 reais Yes, a statue of that same Giordano Bruno who was burned at the stake, in the year 1600, for heresy Giordano Bruno studied cosmology, and dared to question the geocentric view of the world The family has also taken a photograph of some strange handwritten text, which is all over the walls Some of the letters look like they could be from the Enochian alphabet, but on close inspection that is proven to not be the case

The text is encrypted, using some unknown cypher, which was probably created by Bruno himself A part of the text was translated by some people in the internet The text, is suposedly about the meaning of life, questioning the dogmatic authority of the system, and finding the true truth of all things His father, Athos, has already told the media that his son is a very good natured person, and that they have found 15 books written by him, in some unknown language The books have to be translated

According to his father, the content of the texts is about something beautiful, and his son's main interest was to help humanity by sharing whatever is in those scriptures His father feels ashamed, because he didn't put any faith in that which his son was trying to create Now, his father says that he will do anything in his power to share his message with the world Needless to say, his son is yet to be found but there is hope that he must be alright That, ladies and gentlemen, is what is called an awesome, yet tragic story, don't you think so? Anyway, I just wanted to share this somewhat peculiar case, which may be of interest to all of you tin foil hat wearers out there Do you want to search for the true truth? What do you think has happened to Bruno? Could he be stuck inside the statue, in some parallel reality, screaming for help? Or maybe, he may have found the true truth about gnostic mysticism, and could have been abducted to a place of freedom, outside of this reality Could it all be a supreme trolling opperation? What do you think about it?