Terence McKenna on Western Science and Eastern Mysticism

It's almost as though Western Science was fascinated by energy For five thousand years we pursued understanding energy and this process ends with thermonuclear explosions in the deserts of the American southwest

We can light the fire that burns in the heart of the distant starsWe know how to do that That's what the Western mind achieved, political issues aside The Eastern mind was not interested in energy It was interested in time

And they spent five thousand years deconstructing it, looking at it and you don't use atom smashers, you don't use enormous physical pressure It's a different problem and you bring different tools to bear You mediate You look inside yourself You study the movement of water around pebbles

You consider the situation, you study history In any case, the bottom line is, the people who pursued this understanding of time achieved as sophisticated a relationship to time as the Western relationship to matter expressed through our ability to trigger fusion and fission So there's a great deal for us to learn in the West from these oriental efforts to understand time And it is not necessarily mystical What I did was entirely mathematical

It's not transparent to a person who has not studied mathematics, but to a professional mathematician it's utterly trivial There's nothing occult about it And I think true understanding can be communicated and formally described with mathematics And that's what we have here, we're on the brink of a fusion of Western science with quote on quote Eastern mysticism Nothing mystical about it, except that we call mysticism

But the fusion of these two viewpoints is gonna give us a complete understanding of the universe of space, time, matter and energy