The ANCIENT MANIFESTATION Technique That Will BOOST Your Brain Power! Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

The Ancient Manifestation Technique That Will Boost Your Brain Power! Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times (Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru) Law Of Attraction in the ancient world many cultures built elaborate temple complexes dedicated to healing of these buildings they constructed what were known as sleep or dream temples this was a place for the spirit to be healed rejuvenated or inspired while a person slipped into the realm of dreaming they viewed this sacred dream state as an opportunity for humans to connect with higher divine energies capable of producing miraculous results individuals with sleep in a sacred area with the intention of experiencing a divinely inspired dream or cure what was known as temple sleep has been well evidenced as being practiced in Egypt Rome and Greece the ancient technique they used for guidance from the dream world was known as dream incubation and it can be extremely effective for manifestation with dream incubation you request that a dream occur regarding a particular subject that is you are impressing your subconscious mind to work for you as you are sleeping it's a process used to plant a seed within the mind just prior to sleep to find a solution to a problem or manifest a specific result current scientific research now validates the benefits of therapeutic treatments of the unconscious mind such as meditation and hypnosis and dream incubation falls right into line with those beneficial processes the unconscious mind responds greatly to imagination and symbolism this is the part of us that is our connection to the inner and outer worlds The Ancient "Manifestation" Technique That Will Boost Your Brain Power! "Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times" (Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru) Inner Engineering and it continually tries to make sense of our outer world and experiences as we are sleeping this is what makes dream incubation so effective the content of our dreams corresponds to the things that are most important to us and dreams science is shown repeatedly the dreams mirror are waking concerns and dominant thoughts they are controlled by a logic that connects our long-term memories that hold the strongest emotion with our current lives and circumstances this is why you may find yourself dreaming about something that happened the day before and find it intermingling with something from your past that you have some type of emotional tied to it may not seem to make sense to you when you first recall it but this is how the subconscious mind processes the information it is given to work with interestingly enough our dream waking life connection does not have to work just this one way it can be used as a feedback loop when we consciously engage the wisdom within our subconscious minds in other words we can teach ourselves how to focus on one particular subject that we would like to solve or an intended manifestation while we dream follow the skyline to become proficient at the ancient art of dream incubation number one choose something that you would like to have salt or happen in your life and set your intention this is the most important part of dream incubation for example you may want to resolve something from your past need direction for something in your life or want to manifest something specific the clearer your intention is the more likely it is that a dream will present you with an answer a direction or proof that what you want is in the creation process if you need help with your intention simply ask yourself what you need more clarity about or what in your life needs the most attention at this The "Ancient" Manifestation Technique That Will Boost Your Brain Power! Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times (Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru) Law Of Attraction Manifest time your mind will present you eventually with the answer step two step two is writing a short script regarding your intention writing down your intention forces you to be clear about what you want and why you want it you also read this script each evening prior to sleep until you receive your answers or signs in your script give all the reasons for incubating dreams on this particular subject for instance you might say I am tired of hoping and wishing for the thing I want when I know I am powerful and have the ability to create it I am ready to manifest and experience this in my life once and for all I am open and ready for the guidance focus clarity and wisdom that is my divine birthright so I experienced this in my life now in addition it's important to add visual and emotional elements to your intention script your subconscious mind understands this language most and will use it to incite your dream and give you more information using the word feel followed by an emotion is especially powerful for example I am so excited now that I am experiencing the new career I've always wanted it feels so good to be able to give my best to others and receive abundance in my life because of it as I become more abundant I'm able to give even more and that makes me feel fantastic or if it's a problem that you would like to overcome you might say something like I feel anxious each time I go to a job interview and I now choose to use that anxiety to feel how alive I am and overcome anything that tries to stop me this feeling within me can be redirected and used for good in my life I feel so grateful for the clarity I'm receiving The Ancient Manifestation Technique That Will Boost Your "Brain Power"! Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times (Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru) about how to do this number three at the end of your script create an intention that you will remember your dream and the information that your subconscious mind delivers to you for example when I awake I will remember a vivid dream and as I remember this dream I will immediately write it down I am very satisfied that I am able to easily recall my dreams in vivid detail and receive the answers that my mind and higher intelligence has for me number four read your script each night before you fall asleep try to feel the emotions as you read them to give your mind clearer instructions of the guidance you are seeking as you are drifting off to sleep repeat your main intention in your mind keep in mind that reading your script one night may not be enough to get the information you are seeking persistence is required for your dream incubation to move past the ongoing themes that your mind generally works with for some people it takes a week or two for a dream to reflect on the intention they set for others it will happen on the first night just remember to be patient with yourself number five when you wake up write down whatever dreams you remember before getting out of bed this includes anything that you may think of is unrelated you might find wisdom and those dreams later many times people don't notice the connection at first but after some time has passed the answer is right there in their dream report commit to doing this for at least two weeks to receive all the information necessary The Ancient Manifestation Technique That Will Boost Your Brain Power! Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times (Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru) chopra center meditation and remember that movement and distraction can make dream memories quickly disappear this is why it is best to write them down prior to getting out of bed if you have trouble recalling any dreams ask yourself did I dream last night and sit for a few moments to see if anything comes to mind here's another tip if you wake up during the night read your script over again this is a great time to impress the mind further because you're generally not quite awake and not quite asleep and this is a fantastic time to inspire the mind to work for you you may even choose to set an alarm in the middle of your sleep to read your script if you feel inspired to do so many people have been taught that dreams are meaningless or hold no real value dreams often seem silly and random on the surface so we disregard the wisdom within them however our dream world is the way in which our unconscious mind connects our outer world with our inner world it is a direct line to higher intelligence inspiration healing and profound visionary ability if you want to manifest something specific in your life solve a problem or create more knowledge and direction for yourself the act of dream incubation can assist you greatly on your path and with practice you can do what the ancient masters did and break through any barriers that stand in the way of the best life you can have The Ancient Manifestation Technique That Will Boost Your Brain Power! 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