The Asylum chapter 27 An encounter with an Elite occult group

Chapter 27 An encounter with an Elite Occult Group After WWII, Roger Morneau returned home to Canada from the merchant Navy and became reacquainted with a fellow soldier This friend led Roger into the realm of spiritualism and séances and apparently put his life in danger

Roger accompanied his friend to séances and here are some of his words from a TV interview that Roger gave: He said there is no such thing as good luck He said either there is some power working for you somewhere or you don’t get ahead in this world – not in my type of occupation The supposed spirits of the dead that you are talking with are demon spirits They are fallen angels They are beautiful beings

You guys have a great future ahead of you because we have been told – the High Priest of our secret society – has been told, that ‘The Master’ has very special plans for you, and by The Master he meant Satan Look, we worship spirits We worship Lucifer and all his angels They are just as beautiful as before they were cast out of heaven He said that there was a misunderstanding among the inhabitants of the galaxies

Our master was misunderstood and God did not bear with him, that he does with people who make mistakes today So we are in warfare Good against evil and we happen to be the evil ones – but we are not that bad He said, I look at this business between the forces of good and evil – one person believing in God, another believing in Lucifer…its like politics These people (Satanists/spirit worshippers) are sold to the fact that Christ will not return to this planet with power and great glory

He is going to abdicate all claims to the planet The High Priest once said that Christ is going to abdicate all claims to the planet because he knows that it is lawfully and rightfully Satan’s, and at that time Lucifer (The Master) will resurrect his people from the grave Roger found that they had changed the words of church hymns to deride Christ and though he was nervous he kept going back for many sessions, purely out of fear Oh there was no way out because we were told that the High Priest said that The Master had special plans for us and our lives No one ever went into the society unless they were invited by the spirits

That was made very clear He explained to us the danger of going against the will of the spirits and he mentioned a man and his wife that lived in a fire proof building in Montreal The place burnt down with him in it He was one of the members that had decided that he wanted to ‘think things over’ He was going to get initiated at a time that the spirits said they would like him to be initiated into the society

The High Priest further explained that there are thousands of different societies of spirit worshippers in the world, but we are the elite We know the real truth about The Master and his angels They are not hideous looking beings They are gorgeous creatures and from the paintings they had on the walls of the worship room they were beautiful beings Especially the full length painting of the fallen Lucifer, above the altar

He looked like a man of high intellect, very knowledgeable and powerful The High Priest says that there is a great controversy going on between the forces of good and evil Between Christ and Satan He always praised the Great Master Satan as a super intelligent being That he is beautiful to behold and that if he ever appears to you, you would not be able to look upon him because he would be too bright

They talk about many, many things about who is going to win this conflict The bible people – the Christians – they read in the bible that we are all going to land in a lake of fire But that is baloney He said that the conflict is going to end peacefully Christ is going to realise that he might as well abdicate the rights to this planet in the centre of the galaxy and we will be left with The Master who will resurrect all his people that will be as numerous as the sands of the sea

The Master will rule for ever and ever A happy people and he mentioned the names of some of the people that were going to be there and I don’t want to mention them as they are known to history

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