The function of the Merkava of Jewish Mysticism

Spirit is conscious awareness, The Merkava is the light vehicle of spirit, mobilized human consciousness, it is a multidimensional vehicle capable of moving conscious awareness through the different fourth dimensional hallways of spacetime It traverses past fourth dimensional limitations by disengaging physical reality

Disengage your senses from taught reality, retract your egoic identity and become the status of a conscious observer Experience the transcendental reality of Heaven on Earth, by elevating your psychospiritual disposition into an alternative headspace of belief in the higher State of Nature we know as Heaven Move within your imagination, as your choice 'to believe' is the guiding wheel to turn into a parallel dimension of mind Be prepared if you make this conscious effort, you will begin to hallucinate and surface irrational realities with delusion, as you explore higher realities of conscious imagination I will meet you at the golden stairway, leading to the gateway of uncontained reality – the astral physical environment of God