MY MIC is off sorry Yeah, sorry about that my mic turned off And I dunno about the student council I Have I've been playing this for the past three days addicted to it So you can expect some of these often I Mean you can decide I'll either Okay, but first things first Well, yeah when you finish out on Thursday

I will either post every couple of days are opposed every two days Or every day I don't have the dedication to post every day So it's probably gonna be like every couple of days or every two days Steena runs New Year's this is my last day I get the chance to film this stuff Okay, so I mean there's a couple things I can do I couldn't either make a thought of fall in love I Can set her on fire You know what? Okay, I don't want to get them on the tie It's okay Everybody just don't flag that video

Please how do I censor okay? Since I can't get panty shots Thanks to you guys They've got little losers I don't want you to monetize me I'm very familiar with this school It is nice work

Oh, thank you Thank you info Okay, so I'm familiar with all the club stuff too, so not a new Baptists and I am familiar with the Nurse oh wait forgot to do something That's better, okay Since I'm a loser and I don't like to do all this stuff on my own I just need to raise everything And I know where everything teleports to Midori I Love this okay lower that a little bit now so I mean y'all can tell me what you think Okay, so I'm not a pervert like the cops doubts But there is one thing I need to do I must do it I always do it the main closet Favorite class in the game oh Yeah If you do not prove approve of swearing Please tell me so then it will stuff I'm not crushing that thing I've done it before and I'm not gonna do it again because when I got a change because I'm all bloodied up It's not pretty oh Yes after talking about Cub Scouts course You gotta get those back dude sunglasses And of course My stash I never bothered to check this out what is this examine? Okay But I also like this little buddy Follow me I'll go many if you want to live I can't do the Terminator impression, okay, so here's the deal

I'm going to On during art club This feels boring, but don't worry We'll get to the murder spree after this So I should kill oka right? Okay? She's a Definite target, she can't let my senpai Anybody who loves my senpai dies? This one she's a savage look at this She doesn't know I know who that dude is I Know you're there run along now, there's nothing for you to see here I'll be fine fine calm down and keep your titties in place Okay Yeah, there's one thing you should know about me It's that I'm not that great when it comes to all that shit I'm trying to remember where these places are so and I'm not always getting lost Will headmaster nevermind okay I'm sorry I actually never came into the Headmaster's office I didn't know that's what he does okay? Hakone I should die but You know I could cause her to get bullied into literally I can't even Should be getting a phone call any minute, so Coño should be on her way there any minute now I think 44 is the magic number You know just casually standing I cook

Oh, no if you see there's a little purple haired big-tittied freak I Have my rights to call her a freak She's trying to take away my senpai I Think 45 then 45 is the magic number Or You know what maybe French, okay? She's on and she's off Okay, it looks like I'm killing her with my hair What Don't touch I mean Show him there It's dismembered her Okay one Right and what a news I dumped water hurry Don't you guys remember? I only dumped water Next to the main castle that's meaning I remember where the deposit is just by remembering Okay never mind Oh Claire's not here She is with top of the box, or sisters You too The younger interns doing all he can to protect his wife Okay, I'm just For a class oh my god, this music is annoying Oh my god, I hate this like it's so annoying don't leave it

You know Signature It's uh briefly I tried to make them fun mother These holes license Andreea you tell you that You know all the monitoring Look at her little faggots can't do it is I like Reason I can't do it They Ritual secondly To continue with the day Did you guys not notice me Come here Chillin chillin Okay now It looks at your home on the damn thing I love that that's like gonna be my new Let me get the exact center of space Oh does it have to get inside a dresser I don't understand where these are quote former resident do shit, but up a little slice Oh This is brutal I'm sorry guys And we're fully aware of all the functions I accidentally clicked on this and I'm sorry because this is supermoon What the hell oh I can spin chew Right your head you gotta get a leg straight up rattle Nah Oh my god, this music is over Gargles That was boring really all I did this kill them a Mysterious blood-stained, do you not see all the dismembered body parts one mysterious blood skin stain I don't know if you realized oh You probably I never needed to do that blood stain from cocconi But one blood stain do you not see all the limbs and torsos? Did you not even see the student council member with the foot up her ass? The police arrived at school Yeah, probably, no corpses the probably Linds My hair All students including yandere Jim the police are able to link down there any She leave it, okay gonna be flop these security Okay, we're gonna restart that week I pretty much killed that mofo Okay, you know what I think that's gonna be the end of that episode Thank you guys so very much For watching please remember to hit that like button if you want to see more of this And hit that subscribe button if you're not if you didn't know if you're not already I mean come on Who wouldn't want to kill all these mofos Everybody loves Watching people murder other human beings in a video game So make sure to hit the like button if you want to see more of this I'm probably gonna do more of this anyways Even if you dislike it so fuck all of you who always dislike those damn videos There's no point and there's no point in leaving a rude comment

They're called comments Say something nice oh Shoot I just realized my entire life I thought comments meant was compliments Well yeah, you know what now feel free to leave a rude comment No, I'm kidding please I can't take the hey I already have bipolar depression But please feel free I know this is boring I'll just go into school But please feel free to You know Like subscribe hit that notification bell too while you're at it Hit their notification bell just like yandere touches stamp eyes hair And um A notification belt just like how I'm yawns on clicks teeth marks on some time at work Or the bento box Or on you know it's a notification about just like yandere chin touches the senpai stone a can that he Crashed with the powerful man's hands and Hit that notification meld just like Gan-chan stamps exempt IP steam boxers Well, I'll see you guys Also Okay, oh, yes, okay Thank you guys so much for watching

I will see you in the next video I Mean in the next video

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