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" Torah, Ancient Science and Wisdom: Part 4 Another very interesting thing, is that if you go back to the Book of Exodus, when we were at Mount Sinai, in the most famous event Unless someone is an atheist, everyone agrees that the Jewish People obtained the Torah at Mount Sinai; we have something very interesting It says in the Book of Exodus, chapter 20, verse 15: "All the people saw the thunder and the flames, and the sound of the Shofar, and the smoking mountain; " the people saw and trembled and stayed away

" Later, In the Book of Deuteronomy, Moshe Rabeinu (Our Master Moshe) also says: "You saw the words of HaShem on Mount Sinai" Now, Chazal (The Sages of the Talmud) says: What do you mean "YOU SAW"? (rather) "YOU HEARD THE SOUNDS!" But as we said at the beginning of the drashá (conference): There is NO error in the Torah

It is Divine So Chazal (The Sages) really says: No no they actually SAW the sounds When HaShem spoke, there was writing in heaven When the Shofar sounded, the sound made an image in the sky So there were some scientists They wanted to see if it was possible to see the sound as such One was the scientist Chayim Yaakov Guggenheim, an engineer, where he connected different machines to his voice and started trying to make his voice, to be drawn by this machine

So, if he said (for example): "apple", He wanted the machine to draw an apple or the word that said "apple" A similar investigation It was made by another scientist named Chayim Ben Harav, Ben Harav Chayim Elbaz He is a physicist So both had these machines, different strategies but the same purpose So, what does one do when he tries to make sounds? If one says "Aw", what is the machine going to draw? One must go to the thing (the simplest sound)

Where do you go? To the alphabet: A, B, C, D When he said: "A", Bubkis (nothing): nothing came out He said "B", nothing

"C", "D", "E" nothing Know what? Let's try a different language He tried different languages ​​ nothing Baruch HaShem one of them was a religious Jew, and said: "I also Hebrew!" So he tried the Hebrew And both discovered the same thing

The only language that the machine draws It is the Hebrew When he said the letter "Tet", the machine drew the image of the letter Tet, exactly as we know it from the Torah When he said "Ayin", he drew an Ayin "Pei" "Pei" This is not coincidence These photos are a little bigger When he said "A", nothing came out; it looks more like an "E" than an "A"

"B" seems like a random sound "C", "D" nothing Nothing seems nothing

But if you see the "Ayin", it looks like the Ayin "Lamed" You see a Lamed

"Bet" You see a Bet "Zayin"

You see a Zayin Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet you see that the machine draws it Since? From a sound

So apparently, Chazal (the Sages) were not kidding when they said that according to the Torah we saw the words of HaShem There is then a way to see sound "I am HaShem your Gd, Who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage" (Exodus 20: 2) The Secret Life of the Plants Revealed by the Torah Another doctor, I wanted to see if we were the only ones who possessed life So about 60 years ago, Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, an internationally recognized Indian researcher, and one of the pioneers in research in the field of botanical life, He started to see in this

He started to see if there was a way to test if the plants had life He did more and more research, and then in your investigation, someone appropriated his research and he rode on it and built to start from there his name was Cleve Backster

Cleve Backster was in fact an American polygraph expert It had nothing to do with this experiment He wanted to see one day yes You could detect anything from a plant So he connected the polygraph to a plant Obviously the plants do not lie, they do not say anything

so he tried them He brought a fish, and he took it out of the fish tank And at the time, he began to see the plant

and the polygraph began to move, as if (the plant) were in panic He put the fish back in the fish tank, and the plant calmed down Then he lit a match, telling himself (loudly): "I'm going to burn this plant

" The plant began to make the same movements as if someone were panicking: Someone who has been burned And he said to himself: You know what? It seems that this plant "sees" But can he read the mind? So his friend, he went into his room, and from one soon to another he saw this plant making a similar gesture (in the polygraph) as if someone was very angry He said (to his friend): "What did you think?" "Honestly?" "Yes What are you thinking about? I'm investigating something" "I just thought that my plant is prettier than your plant

" Apparently the plant also has feelings Chazal (the Sages) said this already in the Torah they say: "When a tree is cut, one can hear the screams of the tree from one end of the Earth to the other end " They were not talking figuratively They were talking seriously Divine Medical Knowledge The microscope was invented about 330 years ago, and blood cells and bone marrow were discovered with it

And in fact it was learned that finally the healing power It is found in the bone marrow The bone marrow as far as the meaning of the bone marrow was discovered later; As for the blood, it was discovered 330 years ago (to correct what I said)

In the Gemara, in Masechet (Treaty) of Chulin, page 125A, Abaye, one of the great Sages who has ever lived and who is practically on every page of the Gemara, said: "An animal with an external wound, the" brain "of the bone (which is essentially the bone marrow), the cure from within " Outside What it means is that healing comes from within the bone to heal this wound -Aramaic- There is a disease called Hemophilia Women are carriers, but it affects only men

Now, if a child has it, if he is born with it, he is not allowed to circumcise the child In the Gemara, Masechet (Treaty) of Yevamot, page 64B, the Sages explain that they arrested 4 sisters so they would not circumcise their babies after 3 of them lost their babies Why? Because they thought they had Hemophilia Rabbi Yojanán explains who told the woman not to circumcise the next baby because he has this specific disease and that this is something that the woman carries but only the man receives Thanks for watching this video! Visit our website www

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