Truth of Life – Motivational Message by Sadhguru | Music Video | Mystics of India

You You cannot save this life you can only expand this life Because if you sit here, also it will die if you walk Also, it will die if you create something fantastic it will die If you do something very profound it will still die if you do something silly also you will die Anyway you cannot save it yes You cannot save this you can't frame this life and keep it somewhere This got to go Only thing is how and this how? Is the privilege of being human No other creature has this how to expend their life It's all fixed We have this how in our ends However how am I going to expend this life? This how is in our hands? How beautiful how profound how magnificient or how silly how useless how lethargic? For more on my six of India click the subscribe button and subscribe the channel Press the bell icon on the YouTube app and never miss another update