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PREREQUISITES OF THE LIFE OF THE STARABLE MOUDROS IN LIFE In 1986, after years of training in the monastery, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche received his Geisha title Today, Rinpoche is a well-known author and a respected teacher of ancient Tibetan spiritual traditions

He founded dozens of centers and spiritual communities around the world, and is constantly on the move to offer shelter and public discussion throughout the year Now, through Rinpoche's bounty and the magic of Facebook Live, his doctrines are accessible to everyone, and accessible directly from your home So, I was so lucky I could live with my teacher from my age when I was 12 or 13 until I was 27 I was lucky to live and learn in the same house and grow up this way It can not be compared to Facebook, no doubt

But not everyone is in the same position Everyone can not have the same thing Linking through the Internet and Facebook does not replace personal contact, but it is something extra allowing interconnection and maintaining interconnection And I know a lot of people who watch the Facebook page on a weekly basis, people commenting on and saying they feel they 'now come to my home every week' Every few days, Rinpoche is sending live on Facebook

For several weeks, he can offer a series of lessons on a single topic, such as 'Dream Yoga', 'The Healing Power of Your Breath' or 'Essential Instructions from Dzogchen's Tradition' Sometimes they share the enriching moments of their journey or family life It also brings fascinating interviews with invited experts from the fields of science or spirituality All of these Facebook gifts are collectively known as TWR Live Sometimes in the doctrine we talk about "outside time and space"

It does not matter in which country and time zone you are in, there is a certain sense of freedom, that everyone who listens can just listen in their pajamas, or ask about anything he wants to ask or comment on anything he wants to comment on No one will say "do not interrupt the group" Since cyber-sangha is open sangha, there is no interruption These TWR Live teachings are your chance to put Rinpoche's question on the chat screen, share with you your experience, and maintain an immediate link with its growing online community, cyber-sanghou You do not need a Facebook account to watch TWR Live

All you need is an internet connection All live broadcasts are archived so they can be viewed again and again Each broadcast is also interpreted simultaneously up to 17 languages Personal contact is very important And everything done online is just a compromise

But it also has a positive side The most important point is the direction that goes It is better to work with this one than to run away So that's my theory What is the beauty of Facebook? It is that it is out of time, out of space, out of condition

TWR Live is free and open to everyone Listen to TWR Live in English at: http://mixlrcom/ligmincha_en_english Find interpreting entries in Czech at: http://mixlrcom/ligmincha_en_english/




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