Using Humor to Explain Nazi Occult Cultural Subversion and Mirroring in Under 2 Minutes

okay so I just wanted to find a quick and easy way to explain Nazi occultism in a way that adds a little humor but without taking away from the seriousness of it but at the same time this is a really good example right so in the movie Animal House there's a scene at the end of the movie where they decide they're going to sabotage the parade right and so they all wait at the at the end of the parade for the band to come down right and so these two guys are kind of waiting there for their moment and as the band leader and the band approaches you know one of the guys goes and starts marching you know along with them and then he starts catching up with the conductor and he just kind of marches right at the same pace, kind of follows him along, one after the other just mirrors him precisely right he's different but he's mirroring him very precisely and you notice he shoves him over and then just at the right opportunity he waits for the baton to land into his own hands and now he has replaced the organic leader of their movement and the Nazi has taken over once he takes over he subverts the parade

they should be going down the street but, "no" he says, "let's go down this alleyway instead" Now I wanted to show you this as a quick example because I've been having a hard time explaining like I don't really find the term "Nazi Occult Mirroring" and things like that online so I'm I'm trying to like find a way to explain it What's the best way to describe this concept and this is it they follow along side by side, match exactly what they're doing, behave like they do, and then just at that right moment, steal the baton away, shove them down, and that is Nazi occult mirroring

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