Welcome to NINE BEATS – engaging with the ancient wisdom of the beatitudes

[Music] I'm tired of living in fear What could it mean to actually be a peacemaker in a world where we're specialising in chaos? There’s so much that tells us we’re not good enough There's so many people who are hurting There’s a longing inside of us for another world, something better than what’s here right now These ancient sayings bring us into a way of being that have been hidden Okay, we’re not going with a superficial idea that doesn’t strike a chord of where we are today in our world This is speaking directly into our world What does this world need more than peacemakers, than mercy, than goodness? There is a new way to be human The beatitudes invite us into that possibility These sayings speak to those who are on the outskirts And recognising that this is for everyone, that all are welcome [Music] I had an idea, which was to explore the beatitudes It seemed to resonate with the times Those words of wisdom remind us that we are blessed Just the idea of the beatitudes became this very compelling thing that we wanted to find a way to invite people in I’m not the first person in human history to think, ‘hey the beatitudes are quite good’ But this seemed to come with a kind of a ready-made idea which was that music was really important in this I like the idea of a soundtrack to the beatitudes, and that still is the thing that captured my imagination I began to travel and meet a whole bunch of thinkers, creatives, artists, musicians

putting the beatitudes into practice or exploring them creatively I was like, ‘this sounds awesome, yes, and I’ll learn more about it later’ [Laughter] I love the fact that it’s a connection between so many musicians worldwide It was just, come along for this ride, meet with some other creatives, and let’s see what would happen The arts, and theology, and spiritual formation, are really great conversation partners So, we assembled what we now call, NINE BEATS Collective, and began to write, and to think, and to work together These words are a couple of hours old, so maybe some of them will make it, but, we’re all friends, right? [Laughter] You have a collection of songwriters, artists, musicians, that aren’t trying to set the beatitudes to music But rather trying to find the essence of what it is [Music – #Blessed] I would be able to explore sayings of Jesus in ways that were meaningful but also that lead to action What’s your way? What’s the way you wake up in the morning saying, ‘I’m going to follow today’? All of a sudden this becomes not just a walk through some really nice sayings of Jesus, this is radical disruption [Music – Farther] Since then, you know we’ve completed this double album that’s just come out We’ve done a book called The Ninefold Path, and many other things – an online presence that’s growing And the world’s changed so it’s come towards the project and it just seems that there’s even more resonance This voice that we are trying to make heard is important these days I think we need a shift in the way we look at what we value I have come so that they may have life to the full What does this mean for us today and how do we invite people on this journey? I really do think this has got a lot more to come yet And if you get a glimmer of something that can actually give hope, and to actually transform the human heart, and communities, and the world That’s powerful! [Music]


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