What is Neo Shamanism? Part pt1

Okay Let me tell you about Harry Bates

Let me tell you about a brother who lives in multiple worlds And we all live in this happy lovely place we call Chiangmai, in our bodies, enjoying ourselves and some of us have learned how to pay attention to the worlds that we cannot see or hear Learning to waken up other senses in our bodies and if you've heard me talk about I want all of my 12 strands of DNA working I want to be fully human and all of those clairvoyant, clairaudient, a list of psychic skills I want all of them

I want to be fully human It's not enough just to work out a body I want all of the skill sets As I started working with Harry I went, alright that's the personal trainer I want to work with That's the guy, you know when you look at the body of the trainer and we go, "we want that body

" We want that experience We want to be able to cross that divide and understand what's going on with the things we cannot see and understand With that let me introduce you to the Neo Shaman, Harry Bates Thank you and good afternoon Just for starters, this is my first time actually talking about this in a public setting

So I'm going to let you know I'm a little nervous I'm going to wing it The idea of Neo Shamanism is basically a term that I had coined due to the fact that people were asking me what the heck was I doing when they would come to me Neo Shamanism is a all-inclusive form of healing, bringing energy into the consciousness and balancing out your total being So its's like body mind and consciousness

And I say three, these three forms Because one of the things I've learned over my 20 years of actually doing this kind of work, which evolved over time, is that I find that humans on this planet have three definite splits in their consciousness So you're thinking you're just one being, just one person In reality your multiple There are individuals that have a bus load of consciousness So one of the tests that I would actually propose to a person when you would first come to me would be: how do you find yourself battling against yourself? In other words you say your going to make the decision to do something but there's something else within your own head telling you not to and you think that this is one

That your just arguing with yourself and in reality your arguing with another form of consciousness within your body so what I'm going to do I'm going to actually I see my hands shaking a little bit there use someone, a subject, to show you how it works and that way it will be easier for me because when I'm working half the time I'm talking so that you understand what's going on What I'm doing So if anyone wants to volunteer If not I'll use one of my lovely assistants

Ok I'll volunteer Ok Your name? I'm Brea Nice to meet you Embrea

Brea, Oh ok You are Brea This is Brea Nice round of applause You can have a seat Usually when I start out I start out with a series of questions and when you come in I basically scan your energy to see what comes up so for you one of the questions would be if you were to come to me what would be the thing that your interested in achieving? Peace Love and Happiness So your talking about primarily balance

Now have you had a series of anything that's like recurring pain or anything like that, in your body over the years? So I've had a history of having intense pain as a result of being a victim of violent crime but I'm physically healed now Ok, but none of that comes back and you don't have any reoccurrence? In other words if you had like a physical injury, none of that comes back? Well I do have a permanent side effect from that and it has been diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder So in extreme duress situations I revert back to being a five year old an become nonverbal Ok So how I look at things is that everything is consciousness

Not an usual spot It's like mid-back and there is a chakra back there There is a chakra above there also So what this means that you have an attachment in this area that's called a weakness in your body and I'm going to go further because you definitely don't have just one Ok So

going a little lower, to the coccyx, which I will not touch I'll just put my hand close enough Coccyx is one of the areas also where there tends to be a lot of weakness

We're going to go to the heart chakra Hold strong Ok, that is weak Stomach Most people's stomach is weak because we eat all kinds of stuff that doesn't agree with us

Ok Hold strong again Crown chakra Hold strong Ok

Third eye Oh! It's strong okay Throat chakra So what I've discovered is that you have blockages in these various areas and it's not unusual

You've never had this type of cleaning All the blockages that you have are consciousness So there is something that actually is purposely sitting in these areas When it does it disrupts the flow of your energy So even when you were talking about feeling in imminent danger and something happening to your body

I don't know if it's a panic or type of panic So what it is I'll ask your body what it is

So you got to hold strong I'll use this arm again So your body is going to tell me whether this thing is just an energy blockage or is this thing an entity blockage Okay Energy blockage? No

Entity blockage? Okay So, crown energy blockage? Okay not an entity blockage When I work on the crown chakra I basically will open up this area with my own energy The one here in your back is an entity blockage which basically when someone's healing and they're removing a blockage sometimes these things will move Because they don't know what's going on they don't have a chance to move

So I'm going to pull from this area and extract it and don't worry it's not floating around the room or anything like that attached to anyone else When I pull something off of a person I basically eliminate it I don't like sending things like that to the light When I was dealing with a lot of New Agers years ago it was about, "When you take it off, send it to the light" One thing I found out when you send these things to the light they eat, they hang out with their family, have a few beers, and they come back

With this they don't come back They don't float around and attach themselves to someone else The thing that people really don't understand and some do is that the world is inundated with these things that feed on the physical body And you can't see We're designed The body is designed in a way to not be able to see these things

So what you consider to be invisible by seeing it with your physical eyes, it's invisible to the mechanical eyes that are attached to these bodies People who are considered psychics or sensitives they just have another level of connection to higher consciousness therefore they can see things that most people can't I come from a family with three sisters who are very psychic and myself of a family of seven kids So also the lineage of my family my great-grandmother was a shaman of the Blackfoot people in the Americas and then I have the lineage that comes from Africa on the other side so that type of our ability has been basically passed down Most of us get it Some of us don't get it

So anyway back to you I'm going to This conversation is basically giving her a chance to clear these certain areas

So what I'm going to do now, I'm going to test the particular areas that I worked in and if your arm stays,remains strong when I ask you to hold strong then that means that area is clear Hold strong I'm going to do the back now Hold strong Ok

Hold Strong Ok Still a little weak Ok Hold Strong

Good Relax Your going to get a full session So, I'm going to pull everything that is weak off of you and I'm going to explain it as I do it One of the things with the heart chakra is that we're told to have an open heart and that's not necessarily the best for us You know

by closing and protecting your heart chakra you're not closing off your affection or your sensitivity to other people you're protecting your energy from foreign things that can slip in So what happens if you have an open heart your constantly being affected by other people's energy and whatever energy that's floating around in the area that you're in So what I do I promote and teach you how to basically put a shield around that area so that in other words your light can still come out but foreign energy has a much difficult time, a much harder time getting in So when we find ourselves out of balance or going to social functions or something like that, there's a lot of people, and you come home and your just wired or you just feel kind of weird and off balance or whatever That has to do with something else invading your energy

So when I do work When I'm working on a client I'm also teaching you how to protect yourself So it's not like you come and I fix you I send you off

You come and I fix you and then send you off I want you to get better I want you to get stronger in your ability to protect your self okay