What is Neo Shamanism? Part4

So on average how many sessions and how frequently do you see your clients? I suggest no less than ten sessions that way I can work through whatever is at the very surface and then also train you to do it for yourself so that after the tenth session you have the option of coming back or not coming back it's up to you If you have a session then you go off and do whatever you're gonna do for several months but you have all this stuff that is swarming around you

So the first couple of sessions are extremely important as far as basically clearing the dust, clearing the smoke, and then we can work on you more I'll seal certain areas up so that things don't move out as fast but you're going to have things come up from the surface and again it gets easier, you know, you feel better slowly but surely and some people feel better really quickly it depends on your vibration or how much damage from whatever attached to you has done to you To heal people and he was training people but it turned out that he was just basically a healer because the people he trained couldn't do the same thing that he did and one of the things that he would do he would actually put light into his heart chakra and guard his heart chakra every time he worked on somebody When you do enough work on yourself your energy levels get high enough so you really don't need to worry too much about protecting because you're energy levels are strong enough to burn off anything that's dense but that takes a while so for me my energy levels are either so that I burn off the density of anybody else's attachments A lot of times if I put my hands on someone I'll pull their attachment through my energy into my body and then out you know in the beginning when I first started practicing I knew that I had to clear myself for a while and I would smell energy so how I would tell, I would smell a certain type of energy coming off me which meant that my body was just eliminating what I had pulled off of the person

Now that doesn't really happen, I mean, I can stand near someone if I turn on that, you know that switch I can smell what your energy is doing and some people I've worked on they've acquired that ability to smell energy and so they can tell when somebody's sick There are people actually who can smell pregnancy and they don't claim to be psychic or anything like that but they can smell when a woman's pregnant you know but certain individuals I worked on they can smell if your energy is dense or the type of energy it is because not all energy smells exactly the same Everybody has their own energy Like your original name, Universal name is not a name It is a vibration Everybody has their own signature vibration

So the same thing with sensing and smelling and all of that I don't know if that answered your question or not One more? I see someone pointing So as a healer how often would you say you need your own personal session I kind of am always in my own session Do you allow others to work on you? I have to clear them first So when I go off for a massage which I haven't in like several years now there was actually one person that I allowed to work on me because her energy was right you know but you can't go to just any masseuse

(Alathia) Nami clears you Right! That's true My bad, my daughter Nami, also is as an energy worker she also does the work I trained her from the time she was 13 and if I'm under a certain type of shift or whatever she is the one person that I will go to to have her do energy work on me But it's not all that often

It's about twice a year or something like that? (Nami) It depends, but yeah Bi-annual clearing Next up Good call, good call