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you know as far as like what I do I use different processes and the Rikei that when I'm using my hand and I'm moving basically I'm pulling energy out of or actually how I visualize is with the movement of my hands it just helps me mentally see where my hands are going so when I'm pulling something off of someone it's like in an etheric hand that goes into the area and then pulls and extracts and as I said before when I pull and I extract I delete the problem again so I don't have a situation where I'm pulling something out and its just wandering around looking for another host There's a lot of that here so anyway, if anyone has any questions at this point feel free to ask Harry, thank you for helping my friend Brea here How do you measure, how does Brea measure the real effect? Is it a mental feeling better? Are their biological tests or blood pressure? How do you prove what you've done really works? Yeah that's interesting

I get that a lot of the time Primarily it has to do with how she feels afterwards There will be a little bit of a side effect from the work because one of the things that happens when I start working on you I'm cracking a shell So it's like you have this something that's not like an egg shell It's something that's very dense you know and so when i crack the shell all the stuff starts to come up to the service

A lot of times the next day someone will call me and they say that they feel like they have the flu And I always tell them don't worry about it It will be gone in about two hours and that's just the energy that's been dormant all that time coming to the surface because it's been in hiding coming to the surface and being pulled out Things are being upset So I think the groups doing some test or something that I guess someone wants to do within this weekend or something

Actually let me add to that Cause tomorrow afternoon I brought house technology people together that I've been working with and I've worked with various different ones here I had gone to a session, it's one of those, a product called BioSpec that looks at the problem areas I cannot tell you how but It's sound technology and I saw problems in my kidney and pancreas and I went, "Alright thanks, I'll keep that in the back of my head" I met with Harry and I didn't tell him where and he saw the same areas, the same problem areas

So it is you know for me the challenge is the same, How do you know? So how do you know that? It's your body that will tell you What I've learned even from the technology is that you will also have things we call the healing crisis where you get a short hit and you feel good and then it like crushes back, this is kind of the same like when you pop a boil on your hand you don't get it all out but you just leave room for more to come in so that's why one session isn't always enough something may come back stronger it's not a quick hit because it didn't get there in one quick hit but you can use and you can see it through thermal imaging which is what we'll be showing tomorrow and demonstrating that Thank you for asking Yeah thanks for that Phyllis (Brea speaking) So I think his discernment was pretty good He talked about my kidneys having an issue

And actually I tried to give my kidney to my sister and I do have one kidney that is not healthy, as I couldn't take one of mine out cause it wasn't strong enough So you did perceive something that was real And then I do have extensive injuries in my back so when you talked about there being multiple points in my back I have two pinched nerves and 3 fused Right Ok How do you feel now? I feel like I have a bruise on my heart

On my chest right here You say you feel it now? Like I have a bruise Well that's because when something's been sitting there for as long as its been sitting there and you pull it it's like something that has roots and it just intermingles itself with your energy and like I said you had four things in there and a couple of them were places and you know just so that it doesn't get really weird I'm not even going to tell you where some of the stuff said it came from but when I'm pulling something that's been there a long time it's, it's attached it's like something that is like a parasite that attaches itself Like a leech or something like that So they attach and they get stuck there so when you pull it it's like pulling a scab off of something So your going to feel that but what your going to feel after that is a rise of energy, feel more clarity in that space

Okay So one of the things that Phyllis is saying is that if your looking for a super quick fix this isn't really the place to come you know there are times like that people come in they had some kind of chronic pain or something like that was able to fix it in one sitting but that's not always the case You know when we deal with something that's interfering with your flow of consciousness, your flow of chi it's usually a number of things and so sometimes you remove one thing something else that's in the background comes up and tries to take its place but it's not infinite you know it's a finite thing eventually they'll peter out and then you'll have this total clarity but one of the things that happens is that the weaker one comes up so it's not like you're going to feel the same intensity that you might have felt before Before I do the work And a lot of times people are walking around with injuries and they don't even know it

Because they are used to it It's like eating the wrong food for your body and you have a reaction to it but you think that reaction is natural "It's just the way it is man" So what's going on so is that your body's trying to tell you that you're putting the wrong energy into it and not everybody needs the same kind of energy You know, there is not like the three food groups for everybody on the planet That's not the case it doesn't work like that The body is extremely smart The consciousness is extremely smart

What the problem is is the aspect of the body that I call the program That's the one that is fed all this stuff that tells you to do things that aren't really beneficial to yourself You know so as far as like I said with your heart chakra yeah you're going to feel a little funny about it Your going to feel a little pain or a little discomfort but I guarantee you that it's being replaced with a more purer energy and that energy is connected to your body and your body's energy is connected to higher Supreme Consciousness is what I call it you know So what's happening when I'm working I'm trying to give you a direct line to Supreme Consciousness which is where everything comes from anyway

In my opinion I guess I have two questions Do you have these attachments attached to you and are you able to remove them? And what are like I think you mentioned like these attachments saying things to you as you pull them out

What are like some examples of things that they have said to you? Well with me, I'm my first client So yeah I've had multiple attachments through my life but when I learned what they were I was able to start pulling them off One of the things that happens when you start to get a little too close to whatever the game is that's on this planet you end up with a lot of weird stuff happening You know I ended up with involuntary out of bodies or things where people called shadow people and all that kind of stuff coming into my space and in the beginning it scared the heck out of me I didn't know what was going on but I was always trying to gather myself and not panic and calm myself so I could deal with the situation So when it came to involuntary out of bodies it was like you know the coined term I guess in the last 15 years or so – sleep paralysis

You know they call it sleep paralysis but it's another form of out of body For me I basically would do a trick where I just focused on one digit of my finger and moved it and I was able to break whatever was going on The thing is when you start to do this journey certain things will happen that the things that are around you don't want it to happen They don't want their food supply to realize that they're food supply So you get attacked So that's what happened to me when I started to delete the attachments that were connected to my body

I don't have them anymore but I have friends on the other side but I don't have anyone who's sucking my energy off of me like they did decades ago So you wanted an example of my lovely assistant Alathia Also one of my clients, she can tell you Do you want to tell about your experience? You were asking about some of the things that they do when I start to detect them and I start to get rid of them Ever since I was really little I I went to a very kind of oppressive church it was almost like military church and I always had these problems meeting men who were very violent, very angry, and a lot of them sexually aggressive and since I was eight years old and I would just meet different people and when I came to Mr Harry I didn't tell him those things but he was able to find them I remember I had had serious pain in my hip like if he pushed his finger it felt like someone electrocuting you with 220 volts out of that thing and it was I had no idea what it was but I remember they were whenever you are continuously assaulted you kind of desire someone to be kind to you so you kind of have this spot where your kind of open to where your looking for anyone to just show you some kindness especially if its from the male sex where that's normally where you get violence or you get beat up or you have to fight your way out of the situation and he told me that actually he's like there's this guy and he has kind of long hair

and I was like I know who (Mr Harry) he's talking about And then I told him about a man that I met here in Thailand and I kind of opened up to him because he was kind of church like, and he was kind of handsome, and kind of nice, but literally he was causing me pain because I opened up my heart chakra and he had found a place where he felt comfortable and when he(Mr

Harry) pulled that out the pain was gone immediately and it was just an amazing experience I know everyone has a different story so if you come and get a session its awesome Actually one of the things that Alathia didn't tell you was when I get hold of certain things depending on how sensitive they are Alathia's also a sensitive as well I have a lot of sensitives come to me And they are kind of like closet sensitives When I start to glean what's going on and figure out what's going on then they start to open up And let me know that Yeah, these experiences happened throughout my life with ghosts and things And things bumping the night and taking things And all this type of deal How did you begin to work on yourself? To find those energy points and pull them out yourself? well it's trial and error but also over the years because I was having certain types of experiences I would go through all these different bookstores The Bodhi Tree bookstore in California, Los Angeles and the one that's in New York City and I would just find any book that I could that seemed to pertain to what was happening with me and also just out of necessity

I decided that I realized that most everything that I was learning in this world was a lie Anything that had to do with the other side was basically watered down into something that wouldn't give you the real information that you needed to help yourself So that's how I started I just decided to just walk into the storm You know it was either that or as I had told someone before I said if I quit you might as well dig a hole for me and throw the dirt over me but I'm here for a reason and I knew I was here for a reason I knew I was here for a reason when I was 5 years old but I didn't know what it was but I knew that when I looked around me and looked at the world and all the stuff that was going on I'm like, "man there's something wrong with this place

" So you may have an inkling in yourself you know in other words I think everyone here is here searching for some aspect of you know connection to their higher selves Their true connection to their higher selves So if you're on that journey you're going to actually find things find people who actually spark some aspect of that Your going to at some point your going to get enlightened on certain levels one of the things about enlightening you can't ever be unenlightened once enlightened


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