What is Neo Shamanism? pt2

I want you to get better I want you to get stronger in your ability to protect yourself

Okay So the heart chakra, I'm going to work on this area I'm just picking up something sitting there I'm going to get your body to tell me what's going on Yes, It's getting weird Hold strong

Okay Yeah you have an attachment You have four oK you've had something that has been around pretty much all your life Hold Strong again Yeah, okay what's happening right now her arm is having a hard time staying up as I said things that attach themselves to you are consciousness and when you start looking for them they react as though something that is conscious

They start to get nervous They start to try to move They try to escape These guys have been sitting here in this area, just very comfortable for your whole life So they have no reason to feel that anyone is going to discover them and then extract them

This is what we're going to do We're going to extract them, and then once we extract them I'm going to use your arm again to basically tell us whether they are gone or not Some of the stuff when I do work everybody's different that I work on Everyone has a different story and actually it really makes my work enjoyable because I'm always getting these really bizarre stories that seem bizarre in the beginning but all of a sudden now they just seem to be the norm So we're talking about the introduction into the human realm We're talking about past lives

We're also talking about, when I talk about entities, were talking about spirits as well but as one of my younger sisters, an extremely effective psychic told me she said, "stuff is everywhere" cause she sees everything to the point where they are constantly talking to her So a lot of times ghosts they just want attention So if you're a psychic or you're someone who's very sensitive you walk into a place and all of a sudden you just feel kind of crowded and there's really no one around It's just that they feel your energy and they want to be recognized Then you have a number who are just trouble like they were when they were alive but then you have a whole host of beings out there who've never been human and they're part of this realm as well And when you end up with attachments, a lot of times you end up with those types of attachments

Ghosts can attach themselves to you but they're not that strong really Ghosts function on hype So if you're afraid of ghosts you really shouldn't be You know, they're as strong as you allow them to be So anyway I'm going back, I'm going to remove the four squatters I have a few question

Let me see Hold strong Hold strong again Hold strong Okay

Okay We got, wow!Are we clear? We got a lock Now I'm going to ask for an affirmative Did we get a clearing? Okay it's a little slow I can tell how clear someone is, by how fast or how slow their arm goes down when it is an affirmative so sometimes if it's going down slow it just means that the process of clearing is going on Or its just something that's trying to actually just hang in there so hold strong again

It's trying to hang in there One You have one stubborn one hold strong again Hmmm Ok

We have something else here I'm picking up in your waist area Kidney? Kidney We're going to move to this side Not bad, actually we have something that's going on there We can now pull and work on putting energy into that area but in most cases you're actually in pretty good shape

It's just that everyone has attachments too Someone is saying you need me to check your knees Okay hold strong Alright Ok Relax for a second

I used to try to do a whole full body and just yank them all out, but that actually you miss a lot of things when you do it that way when I start working I'm pulling things off that are at the surface Then your next session you'll show up and it will seem like there's something else there but it vibrates very differently It's like peeling an onion Once you start to pull things off the things under it start to rise to the top The things that are causing the most problems and trauma is usually at the top at the surface of the body and your energy so to begin there's a number of things that can travel through life times with you

One of the things too that I've learned by doing this work is that the consciousness and the physical body they don't necessarily travel the same course so genetics they are something that in other words that is passed through your ancestors your parents and so on and so forth but it doesn't mean that your consciousness was always part of that family It just means the genetics which also is a consciousness in its self was part of that family When you run into spirits out there they're basically the memories of your body consciousness but not necessarily the memory of your higher consciousness So when I moved to Thailand I had a few friends who had to go through funeral ceremonies which I can't remember how many days now but it seemed like there's more than three days that they had to go and do this process to basically help the spirit move on to the to the next realm well this was something that I'd see on a regular basis but when I'm walking around and dealing with people there's ghosts all over the place here So what was happening? I was trying to figure out what the heck was happening with this

What it was is that they were helping the consciousness move on but the body memory didn't move on The body memory tends to hold personality that the person had It holds urges that people have I've had a number of Thai clients, Thai female clients who talk about ghosts attempting to rape them at night or ghosts you know stalking them okay I lost where I was man Ghosts! Yeah It's not an uncommon story When I was in the state's I saw movies that were talking about you know ghosts traumatizing families and then you know crawling up the blankets and trying to rape somebody I would say, "that's kind of interesting, that's kind of weird

" But when I moved here I actually ran into people who actually experienced it So it is something that's real for certain individuals One of the things I like about Thailand also is that they're not that far from the acceptance I shouldn't say that far from They actually accept the reality that there's other realms Look at all the ghost houses that you know you see here It's because they understand that that is real

You know But I knew that was real before I moved here but it was nice to be in a zone where it wasn't like you know someone felt self-conscious by admitting that they believe that these other dimensions existed So anyway I'm going to check your knees It's not like glaring at your knees It's like a check, anyway Your lower back You're gonna stand for me

Hold your arm out again Hold strong again Relax Your good I'm not exactly sure what else You know as far as like what I do I use different processes in the Reiki that when I'm using my hand and then moving, basically I'm pulling energy out of or actually how I visualize is with the movement of my hands it just helped me mentally see where my hands are going so when I'm pulling something off of someone it's like in an etheric hand that goes into the area and then pulls and extracts and as I said before when I pull and extract I delete the problem

Again so I don't have a situation where I'm pulling something out and it's just wandering around looking for another host


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