Who is a mystic and what is mysticism? | Sadhguru Captioned

one who is not a mistake see nothing special about a mystic very ordinary infact we used to have a brochure which we have removed now it used to say yoga from ordinary to extraordinary after two days of the program somebody asked me sadhguru you said we will become very special nothing happened and I said I never said that anything special will happen to you because being special is a sickness in my perception people wanting to be special is a kind of sickness they'll do the weirdest things possible to be special then they said no no you said extraordinary yes I said Extra Ordinary more ordinary than others you will become everybody is trying to be special you become just ordinary just life nothing more and if you become simply ordinary just as life is you didn't make anything of yourself you just remained as creator intended you to be simply then people think you're a mystic that's their problem that's their mistake simply because you are able to see things as they are and they are seeing things which don't exist because they are seeing everything through their psychological drama of thought and emotion you are seeing everything just the way it is so suddenly they think you're a mystic that's not my problem it's their mistake if you what you think is a mystic suppose I sit here with my eyes closed and somebody walks into this hall I can tell you what sort of person has walked into the hall right now I'm sure you would think that's very mystical isn't it but what you don't understand is your dog can do it your dog is sitting under this chair somebody comes at the door he knows who has come yes or no it's just that you have made sure nothing comes between you and your perception you have honed your faculties of perception in such a way it's not interrupted by thought or emotion or situations that are going around you drama is happening all the time but you are untouched by the drama and both the outside social drama and the psychological drama you are untouched by this you are able to perceive everything just the way it is that means without making mistakes you're perceiving everything as it is so you become a mystic mysticism means it is just a longing to know this is not something that happens by intent it's a natural consequence of human intelligence this evolution has delivered us at a certain place where we cannot be without knowing yes if there is something that you do not know and you realize you do not know the very innate nature of your intelligence is such it wants to know now when you want to know if you do not have neither the commitment nor the courage to seek that which you do not know you will believe something well all you're looking for is an authority the authority may be a guru may be a scripture may be a messiah or may be an unseen God somewhere in the clouds but essentially you're looking for an authority so that what you do not know you can pretend that you know you'll arrive at it in so many different ways this happened you know can I tell you a joke a eight-year-old boy in York City came home from school in the afternoon he had a very progressive mother obviously she was single I said it's only a joke ok he came home and asked his mother mama is God a man or a woman she thought through this all these gender politics that are going on in the country just now in the last election they tried to settle it it didn't work after much thinking she said both the boy went into profound thought then he came back after some time and asked mama is God black or white she thought about all the racial politics that are going on in the nation in the previous election they tried to handle it didn't work after much thinking she said both then the boy went into very deep thought then he came back and asked mama is God gay or straight she thought about all the politics involved with that aspect of life and then she said both the boy jumped in joy I got it I got it it's Michael Jackson I don't know how you arrived at yours it's just that it has to be spoken usually you know at least a dais two feet higher than your chair or from a mount or from the cloud always like this is never transmitted like this you see hello always like this upar upar wala talking so much about uparwala I want to tell you in this cosmos you do not know what is up and what is down are you capable of knowing you're on around planet and the damn thing is spinning all the time inevitably you're looking up in the wrong direction aren't you hello what do you think Australians are looking up at so the moment you ask a few questions all the fake authorities that you have created in your life and try to sustain yourself unseeking this is all your tricks to see that your intelligence doesn't bother you and freak the hell out of you that you don't know the fundamentals of life you know everything you know everything you know where God lives you know his name you know his wife's name you know how many children he has you know when his birthday is you just know you even know what he likes for dinner this incredible knowledge about everything about the Creator we must understand this is the only culture on the planet which is been a land of seekers the people that you worship did not fall from the top they were normal birth for their mothers weren't they your Rama your Krishna your Shiva everybody walked this geography went through all the trials and tribulations that you go through and much more we bow down to them not because they were gods we bow down to them because of the freedom with which they existed if you take one example we'll take Rama because he still has real-estate problems from then to now then he was born as a prince went through the finest education possible in those days grew up into a very gentle wonderful wise young man married a beautiful princess but something went wrong and he was banished to the jungles well maybe in your Ramanand Sagar's television serial you saw Rama Sita doing romance but that's not how it is I have lived in jungles for weeks on end by myself after 3-4 weeks in the jungle when I come back home even my parents wouldn't recognize me it would be like that insect bites from head to toe most of the ladies I'm telling you if we take you to the jungle in two weeks time nobody in the town will recognize you you will become like that so Sita is not a adivasi woman and she's a princess not not made for the jungle I'm saying obviously they were not sent out on a safari it was a punishment as if that was not enough I hear the Odisha people have been navigating their way down to Sri Lanka and going for a long time the maritime history says so the Sri Lankan people came and kidnapped Sita Rama is a king he could have found some local solutions for himself but he is not that kind he loves his wife he follows and goes down builds a Tamil army now after 6,000 years the American scientists are telling us actually there is a bridge and he fought a battle killed many people many of his people died burn down a beautiful city and brings his wife back then a little time she's fully pregnant again something goes wrong and he sends her to the jungle once again if something truly terrible has to happen to you in your life knowingly or unknowingly you killed your own children this is the worst thing that can happen to you Rama almost killed his own children because he did not know when she went as a pregnant woman to the jungle no sonogram he did not know whether it is girl or boy or girls or boys or what the hell he fought with these boys tried to kill them in every possible way but fortunately he did not succeed and in the end she dies in the jungle without him ever seeing her you don't call this a successful life do you hello if anyone of these incidents happen in your life most people would be broken but the man did not become bitter did not become angry did not become hateful he conducted his his duty of being a king with utmost balance to a point when we are fighting for our freedom when we want to talk about a nation well-managed we say Ram Rajya when his entire personal life was a continuous disastrous drama the man was not that he did not have any pain not that he did not go through what every human being goes through for such situations but he did not let those things affect anything that he was doing this freedom we called jeevan mukthi it is for that freedom that we bow down to him not because he was a king not because he was a success because in this culture the highest value has always been Mukti or moksha never God or heaven even when so-called divine entities came we freaked them with questions didn't we nobody could give us a commandment so the best thing about Adi Yogi is he never attempted to give any kind of commandment questions and questions and questions from Parvati and the seven sages endless number of questions every question he did not answer in poetry I am saying this because not just making it beautiful making it very technical scientific and logically correct at the same time touching a dimension which logic never can never touch honing your logic in such a way that your logic will not trap you to a mundane way of living honing your logic in such a way that it becomes the stairway to the magical dimension of life