Why the occult is not from God

for those of you who are wondering why the occult is actually not of God and why god forbids it because I know that most people don't think that it's evil and they don't think that there's anything wrong with it and I know why it's because it doesn't look like we're doing anything really bad or evil when we're practicing all those things like astrology and tarot readings and and mediumship or psychic abilities and all that stuff but the reason God forbids those practices is that they actually enslave us they enslave our minds they enslave our hearts they ultimately enslave our spirit because we get sucked into systems that are basically putting themselves above God and above the law of God and those things prevent true freedom they prevent the true liberation of the Spirit and of the mind and of the heart and the thing is that they are partially wrong and I mean those things do work to some extent but you never get the full truth out of those practices you always have some truth with a lot of vagueness and a lot of confusion and guessing and possibilities so I mean it's what Satan has been doing from the beginning of time really he just takes some truth and twists it like you'll rarely actually get a full-blown lie you'll very often get some truth so that people can actually buy into it so that people can actually believe it and then a very subtle deception going on and with the occult the thing that's that happens is that it might seem like it's completely innocent and even helpful but at the end of the day you're just giving up your own free will and your freedom in exchange of the system that actually enslaves you in a system that makes you think that you have knowledge that you have access to power and and more control over your life when really that is not true and at the same time you're led into false beliefs and false religions and just a very very false view of reality it's a false spirituality basically you might think that you're getting closer to enlightenment or that you're experiencing progress and that you're evolving so much but really you're just continuing in a lie and and falling deeper and deeper into the abbess and that's all there is to it and that's why god forbids those practices that's why god says it's an abomination to him when people actually do those practices all the the sorcery the magic the the psychic things the divination is the fortune-telling all of it it's all part of it because it leads us away from him and it makes people put their trust in those things instead of putting their trust in God and God is a good God God knows what's best for us he knows what we need and he just wants us to walk like on a straight path he doesn't want us to fall away from him and get deceived and get enslaved and get demonically oppressed and all those things and mentally tormented and I'm obsessed with things that are not worth it really and I have seen throughout the years a lot of people who were actually experiencing the really negative effects of being involved in the occult even even just in astrology because it does get overwhelming and it does get unhealthy in many many cases but really the the biggest the biggest reason is that it just takes you away from God and it takes you away from from freedom that you find in God and there are some theories out there let's say that those things actually come from the Fallen Angels from the Nephilim or before before the flood that when there were giants and they were fallen angels or interacting with people and they actually taught them all those hidden practices and hidden knowledge and and things like meditation or like basically astral traveling and Eastern mysticism all of those things actually have like the same route they come from the Fallen Angels who are basically giving people that kind of knowledge that makes you feel like you have power and that you have you're coming to the truth while what you're actually doing is falling completely away from the one truth which is found in God and so you're actually buying into false spirituality that is going to lead to you astray completely and make it seem like it's beautiful and useful and awesome and and whatever but the thing is that Satan is Lucifer and he is an angel he was one of the most beautiful angels and one of the wisest angels that God had and he masquerades as an angel of light that's what the Bible says and even the fallen angels can actually pretend to be righteous angels but they're not and so that's why so many people are experiencing things like they're communicating with ascended masters or angels who are telling them about the evolution of humanity or or whatever it is enlightenment and peace and love and all those things when really that's just not that's just not the truth and it's really not what's happening and once you actually confront all those spiritual entities with the name of Jesus Christ with the deity of Jesus Christ they get angry and they turn on you and they flip and so really that's how you know that something is happening and that there's something really special about the name of Jesus because even the people who have experiences with so called aliens who have a lien abductions or communication with aliens or some sort elion quote-unquote also actually react to the name of Jesus Christ and why well it's because they're not aliens but they're actually fallen angels or demons pretending to be aliens just so that people can actually get completely confused and and get away from God because hey if they're aliens then obviously like it doesn't really fit in with the idea of a God and thing is that outer space is most probably a lie anyway which is also one of those things that we'll probably never know but there are theories out there there are people who are questioning the entire structure of the actual universe and I wouldn't be surprised if the earth and the universe are completely different from one from what we actually believe and from what we've been taught so aliens are just they're not aliens they're spiritual entities pretending to be aliens and that's why God doesn't want us to dabble with those things because they're bad for us they're really bad for us and demonic oppression is no joke I mean it can get really ugly and it's just not freedom it's really just slavery and slavery masquerading as freedom and power and knowledge and it just goes back to the Garden of Eden when Satan was offering Adam and Eve knowledge and power that's that's what he was offering he was pretending he was telling them that if they eat of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil they would not die that they would become like God and knowing good and evil that they would know the difference and that therefore they would be just like God and so really that's what he keeps telling people every day even today people are falling for the lie because they think that it will make them wiser that it will make them more intelligent and therefore more powerful and even closer to God in a way that's why enlightenment is promoting like you will reach a level of of enlightenment and closeness to God that is completely unparalleled and it's just not gonna happen because we're separated from God and if you don't have Jesus Christ then you simply you can't even get close to God on any level really and so all you have is basically just false beliefs and experiences that are leading you away from the one true God and those things are dangerous those things are dangerous and they're so alluring they're so deceptive and attractive and that's just exactly how Lucifer operates even through drugs and and music and all of those things that are very very pleasing to our flesh and then actually have a very hypnotic effect on our minds and on our spirit and there's just how people get led astray completely and fall into addictions and obsessions and mental enslavement like to a substance or to an idea or to an experience and that's exactly what God actually wants to save us from because he cares about us and he really loves solve all of creation and he doesn't want anyone to fall to fall away from him so I just hope that this clarifies the whole issue of why why the occult is a bad thing it's because it leads you away from God and it just makes you believe things that are completely false and gets your mind into a state of slavery to that system or belief

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