[World End Economica Vocal] [Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi Rockets] Alchemy (spanish/english)

Hey have you heard that story about the moon? They say gravity isn’t the only light thing Where there is no big difference between gold and bullets Well, go and see for yourself then! Open your eyes Seems like no one told you anything about this city’s rules But there is a single one that’s absolutely not missing out In this world, there are no ranks, no totality, no relative merits But better not believe someone who says that I still don’t know how to make a clear start No matter how much I pray, the end won’t come Here, there wasn’t even any justice to begin with Because even god was tired of seeing this, I guess Now let this organ resound If you free yourself from all those absolute values You need to increase your trust in infinity Just like that proof, inside this town What will you try to grasp, what will you lose? I won’t listen to your sound arguments Since you’re not the first one to tell me those words In the long run, it doesn’t really matter at all The frontier is no longer right here Humanity doesn’t have any limits to begin with This is the part where god is probably bursting with laughter Even so, let’s keep singing this song At last, this is all just for the sake of pleasure Even with this, no matter what happens The guy who said god’s hand is invisible Surely doesn’t know Now in this world, there is no one to be seen anymore The ideal doesn’t have any purpose to begin with I wonder, the almighty himself better be interesting Even so, i’ll keep singing my song Let’s spend our nights like this before he finds out Translated by Enoai